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Hello Florida Section ITE Members!

Springtime is Here!

Judging from our traffic during the past few weeks, I would guess that a lot of northerners decided they would escape the snow and ice and come to sunny Florida!

We are off to a strong start for the year.  In January, your Board held its annual retreat at the Manatee County Traffic Management Center (thanks to Sage Kamiya and Vishal Kakkad of Manatee County Traffic Engineering for their hospitality!) to strategize for upcoming events and activities; we had an excellent turnout and participation, and I think we have developed some strong programs for the upcoming meetings.

Our Winter Workshop was held on February 20 at the Turkey Lake Turnpike Enterprise offices in Ocoee.  The theme was Traffic Analysis Tools and Specialized Applications and attracted a sell-out crowd.  We had some excellent presentations and some great opportunities for networking during the breaks.  Thanks to the Turnpike Enterprise for hosting the meeting, to Vice President Andrew Velasquez for leading the program, and to all that volunteered to assist in registration and meeting activities.

The ITE 2014 Technical Conference and Exhibit is in Miami from March 9th through March 12th.  The theme is Applying Innovation and Technology to Transportation, and we’re expecting a good turnout.  One of our key presenters is the project manager for Google’s self-driving car.  I hope you can attend!

At the Retreat, the theme for the FSITE Summer meeting was developed as Access Florida 2014.  In this case, “Access” isn’t Access Management, however; it’s an acronym for Active Arterial Management, Congestion Management, Connected Vehicles, Express Lanes, Systems, and TSM&O.  It’ll be a strong program, and on top of that, it will be at the Sheraton Sand Key on Clearwater Beach.  Our International Vice President candidates, Paula Benway and Ray Davis, will be there as well.  This is one not to miss!

This year includes a significant milestone for many in our profession: the first electric traffic signal was installed, at the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street, in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 5th, 2014. Based on a design by James Hoge, it consisted of four pairs of red and green lights that served as stop and go indicators; each was mounted on a corner post.  The lights were wired to a manually operated switch inside a control booth, and configured so that conflicting signals were impossible. Hoge received US patent 1,251,666 (see the drawing below) for his design.  According to an article in The Motorist, published by the Cleveland Automobile Club in August 1914: "This system is, perhaps, destined to revolutionize the handling of traffic in congested city streets and should be seriously considered by traffic committees for general adoption."  I’d say they were right!  Interesting information from The History Channel’s website: www.history.com.

So, where will our profession be in another 100 years, in 2114?  Star Trek lore has it warp drive will be developed in 2063 and that transportation (beam me up, Scotty) will be invented in the early 22nd Century…who knows?

See you in Miami!

Peter J. Yauch, P.E., PTOE

President, District 10 / Florida Section ITE


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FSITE Officers


Peter J. Yauch, P.E., PTOE

Albeck Gerken, Inc

1911 North US 301, Suite 410

Tampa, FL  33619

Tel: (813)319-3790



Vice President & Program Chairman

Andrew D. Velasquez, P.E., PTOE

Turnpike Enterprise

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Treasurer & Membership Chairman
Oliver R. Rodrigues, P.E., PTOE

Florida Transportation Engineering

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Sage Kamiya, P.E., PTOE

Manatee County Public Works

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District 10 International Director
Rosana Correa, P.E., PTOE

Jacobs, Inc.
One Tampa City Center

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Tampa, FL  33602
Tel: (813)676-2041


Past President & District Director
Edward J. Kant, P.E.

Edward J. Kant, P.E.

1910 Mission Drive

Naples, FL  34109

Tel: (239)290-2891

Fax: (866)812-9439



FSITE Representative to District 10
Matthew G. Wey, P.E., PTOE

HDR Engineering, Inc.
5426 Bay Center Drive, Suite 400
Tampa, FL  33609-3444
Tel: (813)282-2456

Associated Business Division Representative
Connie Braithwaite

P.O. Box 550897
Jacksonville, FL 32255
Tel: (727)400-6146

Cell: (904)759-0745
Fax: (904)212-1320


Florida Planning Council (FLPLAN) Chairman
Patricia Tice, P.E., AICP



606 Courtlea Cove Avenue

Winter Garden, FL  34787
Tel: (407)877-3524

Fax: (407)877-3524


Florida Urban Traffic Engineer's Council (FLUTEC) Chairman
Benton StJ. Bonney, P.E.


City of Orlando

City Hall, 8th Floor

400 South Orange Avenue

Orlando, FL  32802

Tel: (407)246-3626

Fax: (407)246-3383



District Administrator
Angela M. Garland, P.E., PTOE

GTS Engineering
11523 Palm Bush Trail, Suite 317
Bradenton, FL  34202
Tel: (941)322-2815



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